At Roots Health Centre our mission is to educate and enlighten everyone who enters our door. We provide a variety of services and therapies focusing on the individual needs and preferences to help achieve optimum vibrant health and well being. Our support brings harmony to mind body and spirit, culminating in self responsibility and prevention of illness. Our whole system approach to health and wellness gradually leads to lasting lifestyle changes.

Get Massage Therapy, Iridologist assessment & Weight control program to experience a HEALTHY YOU!

Our natural health care centre, located in North York, Ontario provides promising dietary & lifestyle care for physical intellectual wellness, that aid our customers stay out of the reach of doctors. At Roots Health Centre located in North York Canada, the health & wellness therapist experts has education in various Massage techniques. And, we gladly share the inspiring ideas for emotional, environmental & spiritual wellness for everyday living.

Discover how holistic health analysis helps you get a HEALTHY start this year.

Many naturopathic, holistic centres in Canada examine people to restore lost health naturally however, if you are looking for optimal health evaluation professionals, reach us at our North York centre for holistic health examination & iridologist assessment to enhance quality of life. Our high quality professional massage equipments (like- CHI machine, hothouse sauna, SOQI bed spa) helps to strengthen the immune system, rebuild tissues & decrease chances of diseases.

Know how clinical iridology analysis reading of children or family can help prevent diseases.

Our experts admire Dr. Bernard Jensen iridology that educates people about the impact of optimal nutrition, early signs of body imbalance, aging etc by iris interpretation. Buy massage products & shop for multitude of products from Nature's Sunshine, HTE Canada, Nu-Skin etc in North York. We help you welcome all 7 dimensions of wellness to stay fit, support body, mind and spirit.

Join us to uncover your challenging health problems with simple & effective solutions. With our services & therapies, experience the ever-lasting change in your lifestyle.

Iridology Consultation -------------------------------------------------------$85.00
Infrared Therapy
           SOQI Bed----------------------------------------------------------------$30 ( 30 Mins)
           SOQI Bed----------------------------------------------------------------$40 ( 45 Mins)
Electro Reflex Energizer ---------------------------------------------------$30 ( 30 Mins)