Every cell and tissue in the body has its nutritional requirement.
Iridology and nutrition are closely linked. When theĀ  body is not properly fed, certain elements become depleted and the body begins to succumb to diseases. The iris reflects these conditions. Iridology points out where the inherently weaknesses are, and what is needed to nutritionally strengthen them When the organs and tissues are given the correct food, minerals, vitamins healing takes place.

According to Dr. Hans A. Diehl, "To overcome most the epidemic of our modern society we need a simpler and a more natural way to eat. We need a wide variety of plant based foods".
Our diets should contain:
  • Less fats and oils
  • Less sugars
  • Less food containing cholesterol
  • Less salt
  • Less Alcohol
Our diet should contain
  • More whole grains.
  • More Tubers and Legumes.
  • More Fruits and Vegetables.
  • More water.
  • More hearty breakfast.